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General Terms & Conditions:

Mrs. Martina Zacherl will act as agent between the seller and the buyer in the conclusion of the contract of sale of horses. Hereby, Mrs Stefanie Zotti will act on behalf of the seller, who shall be liable for the accruing commission to be paid to the agent. In special cases, individual agreements can be negotiated.



Mrs Stefanie Zotti will highlight the possibility for contracts and as the case may be, the procurement of contract of sale. However, Mrs Stefanie Zotti shall never become a party to the agreement in question.

Mrs Martina Zacherl shall not be required to investigate either the horse, the selleror the buyer. She will not provide any kind of assurances, guarantees or title, but shall only forward information given to her by the parties. In case such information is untrue, Mrs Martina Zacherl will only be liable if such information was forwarded incorrent by intent or gross negligence.

All data concerning the horse or the seller have to be acquired by the buyer himself prior to the conclusion of the contract of sale.

Mrs Martina Zacherl shall not be liable in any way for insolvency of the buyer. She shall not bear the risk of the negotiations and the execution of the contract of sale and shall not be liable to refund the commission or other expenses paid in case of the contract being rescinded, contested or being declared void for other reasons.

Mrs Martina Zacherl recommends that the parties consult a qualified veterinarian to examine the horse prior to sale. For the actual contract negotiation, Mrs Martina Zacherl recommends to consult a solicitor.

On demand of either the seller or the buyer, Mrs Martina Zacherl will, as a matter of course, provide additional help at an extra charge , including but not limited to organisation of transportation. 

Mrs Martina Zacherl will only be engaging on written request by seller and buyer.

The contract of sale shall be governed by Austrian Law and all issues and disputes under the contract of sale shall be dealt with exclusively in the Austrian Courts if the parties cannot resolve them otherwise.